Monday, 4 April 2016

Training Up hill + barefoot

Today was a easy training that I do barefoot. The last months I had some knee pain that would not go away. After reading multiple running blog, and seeing people healing them selfs with some barefoot run training, I wanted to try. I actually had nothing to lose (only the price of the shoes).

I also try to to some up hill running to make it more interesting. I actually get board if I train 4 or 5 times a week running on a flat track.

After 3 month of experience, I can only say that I no longer feel knee pain, even if I run more than 50km per week. It might also come from a better training over all. But since I like the feeling, I will continue to run barefoot once or twice every week.

This is the strava activity of my weekly natural running training in Berlin.  I will try to write soon a test of the shoes I am using to run barefoot: Vibram KSO EVO

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