Saturday, 2 April 2016

My training plan for the 10km

I will start next week a training plan in order to increase my chances of running a 10km under 38'. I found a great german book that explains how to train and offers multiple plan. I already did last year the 10km under 39' and it worked well, so I am doing the plan under 35' this year.

What I like about the training plans is that they give you the speed you should do your interval training and not just percentage of your maximum heart rate. 5 trainings are planned every week, but since I play football I will give up one low pace session to only have 4.

These are the main type of training
- 400m interval at at 1:19 (this is a pace of 3:18)
- 1000m interval at 3:30
- long run a low pace
- 10km at a pace of 4:00

Even if I will officially start the plan next week, I already did a test today:

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