Monday, 1 August 2016

Big 25 Berlin 2016 - 10km Blog

After 2 month of training I was ready for the 10km big 25 berlin. The cool thing about running the 10km and not the half marathon is that you are not competing with the kenyans. It is not that hard to be in the first 20. You have the big berlin road for yourself. Thats really awesome.

This year is was in the fist starting block, because of last years result. This feels really great. It really boosts you to be just behind the olympic runners, presented as the "elite runners". It might seem stupid but it make you feel good.

3....2...1 go! The race starts and of course I start way too fast, with a pace of 3:20 - 3:30. The problem with the first kilometers is that you feel invincible and just think... what the hell, I can make it with this pace to the finish line! Big mistake, truth is... you don't.

After 4km it starts getting tough, you body needs oxygen, but your muscles are consuming more that what you can breath. This means you will have to suffer until the end. But, this is what the 10km race is all about, isn't it?

So I slow down a little, and suffer silently. At kilometer 8, I heat someone catching me up, and bam its the first women. It was difficult because she did not seem to feel so bad. Anyhow I try to follow her but I cannot.

Finish line in the olympic stadium was cool. I finish in 38:12, place 15. It's not bad but not up to my expectations on 10km. Anyway I had a great time and will run again next year.

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